Lakland Bass Guitars

Lakland Vintage Hot P4 Neopunch 4-String Split Coil Bass Pickup

A favorite of Lakland fans, Lakland’s Vintage Hot P4 Neopunch hand wound pickups have been designed for the contemporary “P Bass” player who wants to upgrade to a punchier and more articulate classic P Bass tone.

  • Combines vintage tone with modern power and control
  • Hand wound in our Chicago workshop
  • Features Lakland design in an exposed pole construction

A traditional split coil that packs a punch, Vintage Hot P4 Neopunch split coil pickups are standard equipment on Lakland’s legendary US Series and Skyline 44-64 models. This pickup utilizes Lakland’s own construction in an exposed pole construction.


Length = 2.23″ (56.6mm) Width = 1.10″ (27.9mm)

120.00 USD per set

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