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5 & 6 String Basses

USA Series 55-AJ
USA Series 55-60 in Inca Silver
USA Series 55-60 in Translucent White
USA Series 55-69 Tetsuya
USA Series 55-94 in Natural Maple
USA Series Decade 6
USA Series 55-94 in Cherry Sunburst
USA Series 55-94 in Inca Silver
USA Series 55-94 in Ice Blue
USA Series 55-94 in Amber
USA Series 55-94 in Buckeye

Lakland 5 & 6 String Basses

All bass players know it – there’s just not enough bottom in the key of D on a 4 string bass. The lower octave in D (and C) made possible by the low B string can mean the difference between working a deep groove and balancing on a high wire. That’s why the 5 string bass was invented. And nobody has successfully explored the possibilities of the 5 string like Lakland.

Lakland 5-string basses feature a B-string that is tight, well defined and feels like a natural extension of the instrument – accomplished by combining a 35″ scale with the solid anchoring of the string through the body design. The necks on Lakland’s 55 series basses are slightly narrower than other 5-strings, but still maintain a standard “J” string spacing, making them as accessible as they are tonally sound.

All Lakland 5-strings are 35″ scale with fingerboards available in Birdseye Maple, straight grain Maple, Rosewood* or Ebony. Graphite reinforcement bars, quarter-sawn Maple neck blanks and Lakland’s impeccable fret installation make this the 5-string neck to beat for comfort, stability and tonal consistency across all 5 strings.

From our economically priced Skyline Series to our top-of-the-line USA Series, we offer 16 different 5 string models to accommodate all styles and artist requirements. And if you don’t see exactly what you want, just give us a call or send in the contact form – we’ll be happy to answer any questions or discuss building a custom bass to your exact specifications.

Due to unprecedented supply chain delays lead-time for a custom build is approximately 160 days. We appreciate your understanding.


USA Series 55-94

The USA Series 55-94 is Lakland’s original five-string design, featuring our own LH3 quad-coil soap bar pickup in the bridge position…

USA Series DJ-5

The DJ-5 features the same "updated classic" tone as our 44-60, but is combined with the modern design appointments that make…

USA Series 55-AJ

Vintage meets modern.  The 55-AJ incorporates the vintage neck shape, 35” scale design and feel of the 55-60, but adds a…




We’re happy to answer your questions about any of our available instruments, or provide you with a quote for a custom build.

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