Lakland Bass Guitars


64-T with Buckeye Burl Top
65-T in Translucent Red
65-S with Buckeye Top
65-S with Flame Top in Organic Green
65-3T with Maple Burl Top
65-T2 in Blue Burst
65-T in Translucent Blue

Lakland Guitars

First and foremost, we love cool guitars from all eras, countries and companies; some long gone, some still with us. It’s what got us hooked on this industry to begin with. Secondly, as musicians, our collective live performance and recording experience totals over 50 years and spans the 1960s to present day. We’ve had the great honor of working with, recording and playing live with some of the very best musicians in the business, including some true legends of rock n’ roll. It is with this perspective that we set out to design cool guitars with very specific and desirable attributes for feel, form factor, style, and, of course, sound. All Lakland guitars feature our own modern and vintage style pickups handmade and wound in our Chicago workshop.

The result is the guitars you see here on this site. Our goal was not to simply re-create cool guitars from the past, but to create affordable, world-class instruments of today appropriate for any size stage…and we just happen to mix in some elements from some of our favorite axes we have always loved. Take a look around, call us, email us. We’re happy to answer your questions about any of the guitars available now or provide you with a quotation for a custom build.

Feel free to give us a call or email us directly at 888-958-4494

Due to unprecedented supply chain delays lead-time for a custom build is approximately 160 days. We appreciate your understanding.


We’re happy to answer your questions about any of our available instruments, or provide you with a quote for a custom build.

“Thanks for stopping by. We look forward to adding you to the growing list of great players that have chosen Lakland.”