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Lakland Pickups

Lakland bass pickups and electronics are designed and manufactured in our US workshop. Handmade in Chicago by a small group of builders dedicated to the design of electronics as art, Lakland’s legendary attention to detail goes into each pickup and preamp. By keeping production runs low we keep quality high.

Lakland pickups are custom wound to perfection to ensure a perfect fit and replacement for some of the most popular bass models in the world. We currently offer three series of pickups: 

Vintage Hot Series pickups are replacement designs for Jazz Bass and P-Bass style instruments, including the more modern NeoPunch Design for both styles.

LH Series pickup sets are comprised of two humbucking Alnico magnetic pickups (one MM and one J-style) and has been described by Bass Player Magazine as having a “crisp tone with sweet treble, tight bottom, and contemporary edge”.

Chi-Sonic Series pickups were inspired by the classic Swedish bass pickups built by Hagstrom in the 1960’s. Utilizing vintage spec’d larger diameter pole pieces, bobbin and coil designs, along with the power and compact size of neodymium magnets, the Chi-Sonics sound is one that is powerful, yet refined. It truly is a harmonious marriage of the vintage and modern sound. Chi-Sonics can also be built using Alnico V magnets as well, for those that prefer a more vintage inspired tone.


We’re happy to answer your questions about any of our available instruments, or provide you with a quote for a custom build.

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