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Lakland Decade Bass

by Jason Kisinsky

February 4, 2010

The Lakland USA Series Decade bass is probably one of the coolest basses to have come out in recent years. Let’s not even talk about the fact that the innovative body shape is really cool, the Chi-Sonic pickups sound really good, and the idea of a truss rod wheel is a no-brainer. No, we won’t talk about any of that yet. What needs to be talked about is how this thing FEELS so good.

The Decade sits really well both on a strap as well as sitting down. The body weight and shape held the bass in such a way that the neck was at a very nice angle. The best way to describe the body shape on the bass is essentially having the upper horn of a Fender Bass VI and lower horn of a Gibson EB3. The weight of the entire instrument was decent, coming in at somewhere between 8 and 9 pounds. Our review bass got to us with a perfectly straight neck (with no neck pocket gaps, boohoo!) and nice low action, no buzzing out of the box. All of the hardware was good quality, which is great; we all know how crappy hardware can ruin the quality of an instrument.

Sonically, the bass did a nice smooth job through an Ampeg B-100R, playing some good old Stax basslines. The Chi-Sonic pickups were originally introduced to reproduce old tones from Hagstrom (their pickups had been titled “Bi-Sonic”), and although Lakland says they’re much more diverse, they sound truly the best when they’re meant to be playing warm, round tones, especially if you love flatwound strings.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with this bass. We don’t recommend taking this out on a Weather Report cover gig, but when you need to melt people by laying a bassline way downstairs, this is the bass to pick.