Lakland Bass Guitars

Lakland Vintage Hot J5 5-String Single Coil Bass Pickups

Standard 5 string J pickups with sizes suitable for retrofitting into most popular J5 bass instruments. Lakland’s Vintage Hot J5 pickups are fabricated and scatter wound to vintage specs but just a little hotter. Great treble response and deep low end, very warm in the mids, a perfect balance. These are the standard pickups as used on Lakland 55-60 and DJ-5 basses.

  • Hand wound in Lakland’s Chicago workshop
  • Exposed pole construction
  • Wound to 9.75K on neck pickup, and 10.25K on bridge pickup

Neck Pickup: Length = 3.98″ (101mm) Width = 0.76″ (19mm)

Bridge Pickup: Length = 4.13″(105mm) Width = 0.76″(19mm)


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