Lakland Bass Guitars

Lakland LH-44 4-String Bass Pickups

The LH-44 pickup set, found on Lakland’s 44-94 and 44-02, utilizes Lakland’s own construction in a blade rail form with a quad coil MM (MusicMan style) bridge pickup, and a dual coil American Standard size neck pickup. The bridge pickup is perfect for a coil tap similar to what we use on our own models.

  • Combines Quad Coil MM Bridge Pickup with Dual Coil Neck Pickup for Outstanding Power & Versatility
  • American Made and Hand Wound in Our Chicago Workshop

Neck Pickup: Length = 3.60″ (91mm) Width = 0.73″ (19mm)

Bridge Pickup: Length = 3.98″ (101mm) Width = 1.90″ (48mm)


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