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Erik "Eski" Scott

We are sad to report that Erik lost his battle with cancer recently.  He was a great friend and collaborator with Lakland and he will be deeply missed.  We know he was proud of his featured story here and  his accomplishments will live on.

Bassist, composer and producer Erik Scott has been working in the recording industry since before Woodstock; from his work with Alice Cooper to Pops Staples, from Flo & Eddie to Sonia Dada, his recording career stretches back to 1969. Since 2009 he has released five Award Winning contemporary instrumental albums.

San Francisco, CA (March 10, 2019) — A Trick of the Wind is blowing across the globe, attracting multiple award nominations from organizations in Los Angeles, New Orleans, and the U.K. for Erik Scott and his fifth original album A Trick of the Wind. It is nominated for both Album of the Year and Best Contemporary Instrumental Album by Zone Music Reporter Global Airplay Charts; Scott will join the best and brightest artists in the world’s ambient, electronic, and contemporary instrumental musicians gathering for the 15th Annual ZMR Awards Concert, a public live music event to be held May 18th, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at The House of Blues, located in the French Quarter (225 Decatur St., New Orleans, Louisiana 70130, tel: 504-310-4999). Tickets may be purchased online at House of Blues, or at the door in limited quantity.

Scott responded to the nominations, saying “I keep wanting more from music. A heightened sense of beauty, a nuanced artistic performance that inspires… certainly feeling, maybe even action.  Coming from the late ‘60s, we expressed everything with music. Harder to do without lyrical signposts, but wonderful when it happens. I think I feel the appreciation, like these nominations, more as well.”

The nominations are plentiful. The album is also nominated for a Best Contemporary Instrumental Album Award by One World Music Radio, which announces its OWM Award winners June 9, 2019. Additionally, several singles off the album are nominated by the Peace Song Awards for “Best Song” in categories including Rock-Pop, Jazz, Acoustic Contemporary, World, and New Age, which speaks to the genre-defying uniqueness of Scott’s music.

A Trick of the Wind, written, produced and performed by Scott, is an expansive nine-track set in which the multi-talented musician complements his unusually melodic explorations of fretless and fretted basses with eBow bass, electric piano, organ, synthesizer, sitar, percussion programs, bass generated effects and vocals. Guest artists include John Pirruccello (steel guitar), Celso Alberti (drum loops, acoustic drums & percussion), John Luttrell (electric guitar), Andy Mitran (percussion), Jeff Pearce (guitar synth) and Jeff Oster (trumpet, flugelhorn).

To qualify for a ZMR Award, one must have a top-charting album on the Zone Music Charts in the span of a year, and the qualifying albums are then voted on by global radio broadcasters. The event, in New Orleans each May following JazzFest, has become an annual destination weekend for many ambient, electronic and acoustic music lovers and artists. The Awards show is preceded by a Friday night Meet-and-Greet dinner in an old-world French Quarter setting at The Vacherie on Friday, May 17th, 2019. Details on the weekend’s events, tickets, award nominees and presenters can be found at Zone Music Reporter.

Renée Blanche, the host of “Night Tides” on KCUR, will once again be the Zone Music Awards’ Master of Ceremonies. The line-up of live performers covers many of the musical styles that ZMR represents including Joseph Akins, Hans Christian, Tom Eaton, Sangeeta Kaur, and Michael Kollwitz.

In 2017, Erik Scott won ZMR Awards for Album of the Year and Best Contemporary Instrumental Album. In The Company of Clouds also reached #1 on the ZMR Global Airplay Chart twice and hit the pole position on the nationally syndicated radio show ECHOES.

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