CHICAGO (Oct. 4, 2006) – Lakland Music Company, a Chicago-based bass guitar manufacturer, now offers its own custom wound pickups and matching preamp. The new system – dubbed the LH3 – is made entirely in-house at the Lakland factory. 

Described in a review by Bass Player Magazine as having a “crisp tone with sweet treble, tight bottom, and contemporary edge,” the LH3 is comprised of two humbucking Alnico magnetic pickups (one MM and one J-style) and a nine-volt, three-band preamp and EQ. It is available only in Lakland’s 4- and 5-string J/MM instruments: the American-made 4-94 and 55-94 and the overseas-made Skyline series 44-02 and 55-02.

The LH3 system, which is designed and manufactured in a joint venture between Lakland and Chicago-based Hanson Electronics, is central to the next evolutionary phase of the Lakland product line.  Most major bass guitar manufacturers make their own pickups and preamp because it contributes to the instrument’s distinctive, defining voice. We realized it was time for Lakland to take this all-important next step as well.

Current owners of the Lakland U.S. -94 and Skyline series -02 basses can upgrade their existing electronics and other brands of pickups will continue to be available as an option. Contact Lakland for details.

For more information about the Lakland LH3 electronics call 773-871-9637.





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