New CS Series Has Arrived!

Chi-Sonic pickups are now available in a variety of instrument models, in single coil or humbucker; active or passive configurations. High output, wide spectrum tone and vintage cool esthetics make the Chi-Sonics the hottest pickup on the market.

Lakland LH3 Pickup & Preamp System

New in-house custom wound pickups and matching preamp. Read>

Skyline Duck Dunn Signature Bass Ships

New Skyline version of the "instant classic" Duck Dunn signature model. Read>

The Aces of Bass

Five giants of an overshadowed instrument hit Chicago, with major reverberations. Read>

Lakland's Road to Profit

Music Inc. Magazine details Lakland's decade-long bumpy journey to profitability. Read>

WGNTV Reports From The Lakland Factory

Chicago's own SuperStation previews the upcoming Raising the Bottom concert and previews Adam Clayton's new bass. Read>

His Own Beat

Dan Lakin Featured in Forbes Magazine Read>

Bass Maker Dan Lakin Never Tires

Author Robert Loerzel previews the Raising the Bottom concert and explains why Dan Lakin can't seem to keep a job. Read>

Music's Hidden Legends

The Chicago Tribune previews the Raising the Bottom concert and reviews the careers of Lakland's legendary signature artists. Read>

Lakland Bass

Listen as Chicago Public Radio profiles Lakland's first 10 years. (Requires Real Player) Listen>

Rascal Flats' Jay Demarcus Dropped By

Rascal Flats bassist/Lakland player Jay Demarcus recently stopped by the shop to see Dan and the guys. And guess who he had in tow? None other than Jason Scheff! Read>

Lakland on DVD and CD

Digital sound and picture - the best way to see and hear a Lakland next to plugging one into your own amp! A lot of bands featuring Lakland players have put out DVDs recently, from the Stones to The Pretenders, Gov't Mule, U2 and many others. The music is fantastic and Lakland basses play a big role in the spectacle of rock and roll! Check out this list of DVDs and CDs showing Laklands on stage!

The Life of a Skyline

More and more people contact us to say they can't believe the quality of our Skylines. Our Skyline basses have been able to overcome the stigma that too often surrounds instruments built "off shore," by offering playability and tone surpassing anything else in their price range. How? Every Skyline model comes through our shop and receives the same exacting attention to detail that our US-made basses receive prior to being shipped to dealers. Read and learn just how much TLC each Skyline receives stateside before it gets to you!

Cool Covers

Covers Fearturing Lakland Bass Guitars See Them>



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