What began as a thread on the bass guitar forum Talkbass.com is now The Lakland Owners Group (LOG), an organization dedicated to bringing together players and fans who appreciate Lakland basses and the company that manufactures them.*
“Basic Membership” is free and offers you the ability to share in the fun of participating in the forum.
“Supporting Membership” expands your benefits including:

  • Chances to win great accessories such as strings, pickups, and other cool bass-related stuff
  • The ability to sell your used Lakland basses to other Lakland enthusiast
  • Opportunities to advertise members' bands free online
  • Access to advanced product announcements

* Lakland Owners Group is a private, independently operated discussion board and website. Opinions expressed there are purely the opinions of Lakland Owners Group members and not the opinions of Lakland Musical Instruments.  Lakland Musical Instruments does not receive any compensation as a result of fees or donations to the Lakland Owners Group website.

To find out more, and to become a supporting member of the Lakland Owners Group, visit the LOG Web site, www.laklandowners.com.



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