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NAME: Luke Tessié
WITH: The Hype Theory, Blu Sun,
The Invisable Mullets, LT3
GEAR: Joe Osborn Signature String

Aaron Thomas

NAME: Aaron Thomas
WITH: World Harvest Church; Divine Providence
GEAR: 55-01; 55-02

NAME: Kendall Thomson
WITH: Pity World
GEAR: 55-02

Andreas Thum

NAME: Andreas Thum
WITH: Valenteano
GEAR: 55-94

Bob Tierpack

NAME: Bob Tierpack
WITH: The Rhythmatics
GEAR: 55-02

Rodrigo Tenjo
WITH: Madame Complot
GEAR: 55-02 Deluxe

Mark Tilford

NAME: Mark Tilford
WITH: Cobalt Blue; The Majestic Club Band; The Cornerstone Church Orchestra
GEAR: Osborn Signature Model (3); Jones Signature Model

LuLu Tranvan

NAME: LuLu Tranvan
WITH: Saint Elme
GEAR: 55-94

NAME: Frank Treppiedi
The Black Cherry
55-02 Deluxe

NAME: Ty Turner
Studio Musician, Kenny Wright Band, Church Bands
Skyline 55-02 Deluxe LH3, 55-02 Standard w/ Bartolini

KW Tut

WITH: Here Come The Mummies
GEAR: 4-94

Eric Vela

NAME: Eric Vela
WITH: McAllen
GEAR: 55-02

NAME: Paul VanderValk
WITH: Blue Lion Project  
GEAR: 44-01, 55-02, 55-02 Deluxe

NAME: Jimmy van Dijk
WITH: Johnny's Landing
GEAR: Skyline Bob Glaub Signature

NAME: Joseph Van Winkle
WITH: Waiting For Helen; Other Than Honorable; Marlene & The Tongue In
Groove Band
GEAR: Skyline 55-02 Deluxe

Jose Vera Lopez

NAME: Jose Vera Lopez
WITH: Revolver; Chenoa; Buika
GEAR: Osborn Signature Model, 55-94

Scott VonDerfecht

NAME: Scott VonDerfecht
WITH: The Joe Parr Band
GEAR: 55-94, 55-01

Peter Vos
WITH: X-Static
GEAR: 55-02 Deluxe

David Walmsley
WITH: Michael Prince Band, Random Axxess
GEAR: Joe Osborne, 55-01

Dave Warren

NAME: Bronson Warren
WITH: Zoom City
GEAR: 55-94, 44-60

Dave Warren

NAME: Dave Warren
WITH: Gasoline Dion
GEAR: 55-01; 44-02

Kane Watters

NAME: Kane Watters
WITH: Casual Projects
GEAR: Osborn Signature Model; 55-94

'Philly' Bill Weir

NAME: 'Philly' Bill Weir
WITH: TinMan
GEAR: 55-02; 55-94 Deluxe

NAME: Thorsten Weiss
WITH: FUNKY SITE, Leo's Best Friends
GEAR: 44-64

NAME: Isaac West
WITH: Sonny Emory & State of the Art
GEAR: Skyline 55-02 Deluxe

Steve Whitman

NAME: Steve Whitman
WITH: Albuquerque Blues Connection
GEAR: Glaub Signature Model; Hollowbody; Jones Signature Model; Osborn Signature Model

NAME: Chris Williams
WITH: Raw Edge
GEAR: Duck Dunn Signature

NAME: Gilles Wilmet (Gilwil)
WITH: XYZ and Cold Blood
GEAR: Daryl Jones

Chris Workman

NAME: Chris Workman
WITH: CGC Manfield Band
GEAR: 55-02

Dave Yuknat

NAME: Béla Wurtzler
WITH: Saint Tone
GEAR: 55-94, Joe Osborn Skyline

Dave Yuknat

NAME: Dave Yuknat
WITH: Chris Canty Band
GEAR: Glaub Signature Model

Mike Zimmerman

NAME: Matej Žibert
GEAR: 55-02 Deluxe

Mike Zimmerman

NAME: Mike Zimmerman
WITH: Mynard Road
GEAR: 55-01; Jones Signature Model; Hollowbody; 55-94




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