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NAME: Milan Machulda
WITH: Nikdy nevytazena cisla, Krock, Pertigo
GEAR: 55-02

NAME: Machy Madco
WITH: Machy Madco Trio
GEAR: 44-01

Name: Bruce MacLaughlin
Bass: Lakland Skyline Jerry Scheff
Group: Agent 99

NAME: Jonathan Manafo
WITH: Wired & P.A.B.
GEAR: 55-02

Valerio Manelfi

NAME: Valerio Manelfi
WITH: I ratti della Sabina
GEAR: 55-94

NAME: Doug Mason
WITH: Forest City Community Church
GEAR: 55-02

NAME: Tracy McKee
WITH: The Sidekix Band
GEAR: 55-02 Deluxe

David McKee

NAME: David McKee
WITH: My Affliction
GEAR: 55-94; Osborn Signature Model

NAME: James McKeever
GEAR: 55-94

Trevor McKinley

NAME: Trevor McKinley
GEAR: 55-02

Mike McLean

NAME: Mike McLean
WITH: ProjX; Body & Soul; James Bennett and the Texas Jubiliares; Lisa Lopez & Oak Hills Church
GEAR: 55-76 Dual J

NAME: Wiljan Meijer
WITH: Millstone
GEAR: Lakland Skyline Darryl Jones

NAME: Tracy Menard
WITH: 5th Avenue
GEAR: 55-94

Stefano Meroni

NAME: Stefano Meroni
WITH: Blues Road Band
GEAR: Osborn Signature

Markus Merz

NAME: Markus Merz
GEAR: 55-94; Jones Signature Model

Les Miller

NAME: Les Miller
WITH: The Rusty Sheriffs
GEAR: Skyline Glaub, Skyline Osborn

NAME: Reid Kauhi Miyataki
WITH: Konfrontation Reggae
GEAR: 44-01

NAME: Gustavo Luis Moré
GEAR: 55-94

Les Miller

NAME: Dave Molter
WITH: Third Service
GEAR: 55-94D

Les Miller

NAME: Byron W.Morgan
WITH: Metropolitan Tabernacle Praise Band
GEAR: 55-02

NAME: Blas Moya
WITH: Soul Blaster
GEAR: Jones Signature Model

NAME: Robert Mullener
WITH: Josh Fuller & The Pride of TX
GEAR: 55-94 Deluxe Fretless

NAME: Marcus Naldal
WITH: The Diligent Virgins
GEAR: 44-02

NAME: Paul Neufeld
WITH: The Legendary Colonel Bruce Hampton (of CBH and the Aquarium Rescue Unit)
GEAR: 55-01; 44-64 Custom

Patrick Newhart

NAME: Patrick Newhart
WITH: Emergenza
GEAR: 4-94; Osborn Signature Model

Tony Oberkirch

NAME: Tony Oberkirch
WITH: The Smokin' Toasters
GEAR: 55-01; Scheff Signature Model

Kevin O'Connell

NAME: Kevin O'Connell
WITH: RhythmStix
GEAR: Osborn Signature Model; 44-01

Bernd Oppitz

NAME: Bernd Oppitz
WITH: Invisible Touch
GEAR: 55-94

Benjamin Pantin

NAME: Benjamin Pantin
WITH: Imperial Paradox
GEAR: 55-01

Greg Parr

NAME: Greg Parr
WITH: Andrea Doria
GEAR: Jones Signature Model

NAME: Sylvester Parsons
WITH: Goodwill Church Ministries, Holmes St.
Missionary Baptist Church
GEAR: 55-94

NAME: Christian Pacaud
WITH: Augury, Manahil, Mathieu Fiset Trio, MAG Project
GEAR: Skyline Joe Osborn Signature

Simon Pauli

NAME: Simon Pauli
GEAR: Glaub Signature Model; Hollowbody

Fernando Pereira

NAME: Fernando Pereira
WITH: Carne Loca
GEAR: 55-02

Jose Perez y Mauriz

NAME: Jose Perez y Mauriz
WITH: 98% Maximum Soul
GEAR: 55-02

NAME: Dave Pearce
WITH: Blowup
GEAR: 55-01, Duck Dunn, DJ5

NAME: William Périnelle
WITH: Darjeeling Keepers
GEAR: Skyline Darryl Jones 4

Ralph Perez

NAME: Samor Jaime Pereira
WITH: Neto Kuera
GEAR: 55-01

Ralph Perez

NAME: Ralph Perez
WITH: Rachel's Hippo
GEAR: 55-01

NAME: Stanley J Piaskowski
WITH: Coal Hole Soul
GEAR: 55-02

NAME:  Sissi Plueckhan
WITH: Teleidoscope
GEAR: 55-94

NAME: Heath Plunkett
WITH: The Fragile Kings, The Church At Lake Guntersville 
GEAR: 55-01

Parniti Poomrin

NAME: Parniti Poomrin
WITH: Psycho Train
GEAR: 44-01

Parniti Poomrin

NAME: Jeruel Pino
WITH:PayPerKiss Band & HNO2 Band from Philippines
GEAR: 55-01

NAME: Dominik Plantak
WITH: Alkotest
GEAR: Skyline Darryl Jones 4

Steve Poon

NAME: Steve Poon
WITH: Impel, Gas Station Robber
GEAR: 55-02, Joe Osborn Signature

NAME: Brian Preiss
WITH: Glue Gun, Jughead's Revenge
GEAR: 44-02

NAME: Spencer Pyne
WITH: Matt Buckstein & The Hired Guns, Zing!, ESP, Elana Rogers Band, Exit 232
GEAR: 55-94; Dual J; Osborn Signature;
Jones Signature


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