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NAME: Dennis Jacob
WITH: Moral Dilemma
GEAR: Skyline Darryl Jones, Skyline Decade

Sean Jacobs

NAME: Sean Jacobs
WITH: BrownLine Fiasco; Angelhawk
GEAR: Osborn Signature Model; Hollowbody

NAME: Jaryn Janek
WITH: Kamil Strihavka & Leaders; BenediktaMed
GEAR: 55-02 Standard; 55-94 Deluxe

NAME: Oli Jenkins
WITH: Ether 5
GEAR: 44-02, 55-02 Deluxe

Doug Jensen

NAME: Doug Jensen
WITH: Crosseyed Cats
GEAR: Osborn Signature Model; Hollowbody

NAME: Caleb Johannes
WITH: Sevenglory
GEAR: Osborn Signature Model

NAME: Chris Johnson
WITH: Gym Neighbors
GEAR: Hollowbody

Patrick Johnson

NAME: Patrick Johnson
WITH: Houseluna, Singlespeed
GEAR: Hollowbody, Glaub Signature Model

Scott Jones

NAME: Scott Jones
WITH: The Joshua Tree U2 Tribute
GEAR: (2) Lakland Darryl Jones 4-String

Jimmy James Joyce

NAME: Joseph “Jody” Jordan
WITH: Third Obsession
GEAR: Custom 55-94 with CHI/LH3 upgrade, 55-94D, DJ5

Jimmy James Joyce

NAME: Jimmy James Joyce
WITH: Knockhopper
GEAR: 4-94; Glaub Signature Model; Jones Signature Model

NAME: Christian Juschkat
WITH: Paralyzed
GEAR: Lakland Skyline 55-02

Zeb Kandros

NAME: Zeb Kandros
WITH: Deep Chemistry
GEAR: Jones Signature Model

NAME: Andy Kahn
WITH: Collapsing Horse, Chandeliers
GEAR: 55-01

Baris Kiratli

NAME: Baris Kiratli
WITH: Hale Caneroglu Cover Project &
Deniz Seki
GEAR: 55-94

Steve Kmiec

NAME: Steve Kmiec
WITH: Last Chance
GEAR: 55-02

NAME: Volker Konz
WITH: Klingbachtaler

NAME: Dave Kruse
WITH: The Stray Mafia
GEAR: Skyline Joe Osborn 5 with J Retro

NAME: Joren Kuipers
WITH: Still Young, Girl Next Door
GEAR: Darryl Jones Signature, 55-01

NAME: Joost van Laake
WITH: All Heads Rise
GEAR: Jones Signature Model

Roch Lafleur

NAME: Roch Lafleur
WITH: Andi G. Band; Gruff Sister's Kitchen Party; doubleBack; Shawn McCulough
GEAR: 55-94

NAME: Randy Land
WITH: bamboo needle
GEAR: Osborn Signature Model, 55-02

Jim Leach

NAME: Jim Leach
WITH: Jacks O'Diamonds
GEAR: 55-94

Fergus Lenehan

NAME: Fergus Lenehan
WITH: 37 stitches
GEAR: 55-94

NAME: Bob Lightfoot
WITH: Whoz Playing?, The Whoz Playing Jazz Trio
GEAR: 55-01, 55-02, 4-94, Lakland Hollowbody

NAME: Frank Liscio
WITH: Hightone Shelter
GEAR: 55-94 Deluxe

Keith Long

NAME: Keith Long
WITH: The Hardcore Troubadours
GEAR: Jones Signature Model;
Glaub Signature Model

NAME: Jim Lorino
WITH: Miller Brewing Company
GEAR: THE Bob Glaub 10th Anniversary Show Bass; DJ4; 44-02; Skyline Glaub

NAME: Josh "Joshy Swing" Lozada
WITH: Orquesta Xariz & V.O.C.
GEAR: Jones Signature Model

NAME: Tommy Luna
WITH: CrossCheck, Arrival, The Mighty Orq,
GEAR: 55-94, 55-02

NAME: Runar Lunde
GEAR: 44-01

NAME: Kevin Lydy
WITh: Flashback, Janet Rucci Band, SamzJam
GEAR: 44-01



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