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Colin Fequa

NAME: Gil Farias
GEAR: Skyline Osborn 5

Colin Fequa

NAME: Charlie Faucher
GEAR: 55-94

Colin Fequa

NAME: Colin Fequa
WITH: Fabulous Uptown Band
GEAR: 55-02

Greg Fernandez

NAME: Greg Fernandez
WITH: R8:2
GEAR: 55-02 Deluxe

Tom Fezzey

NAME: Jeff Ferro
WITH: Beneath the Sheets
GEAR: Skyline Joe Osborn 5-String

Tom Fezzey

NAME: Tom Fezzey
WITH: Jamestown Massacre
GEAR: Osborn Signature Model; 55-02

NAME: H. Maurice Fonville
GEAR: 55-96

Jodie Forrest

NAME: Jodie Forrest
WITH: Dragonship
GEAR: 55-01

Stan Foster

NAME: Stan Foster
WITH: Runaway Coal Train
GEAR: Osborn Signature Model

Tony Fucci

NAME: Tony Fucci
WITH: T Bone & the Hatchetmen
GEAR: 55-02; Osborn Signature Model;

NAME : Trev Furlong
WITH: "Tequila Mockingbird" & "Lady Chatterley's Hoover"
GEAR: 44-01


Frank G.

NAME: Frank G.
WITH: Whotnix, Party band "Veur de lol"
and the SWB band.
GEAR: 44-02, 55-01

Joe Gagliardo

NAME: Lance Fry
GEAR: 55-01, 55-02, DJ5, 44-60, 44-64 custom, 55-64

Joe Gagliardo

NAME: Joe Gagliardo
WITH: The Boyzz
GEAR: Jerry Scheff Signature, Duck Dunn Signature

Todd Gee

NAME: Todd Gee
GEAR: 55-01

Todd Gee

NAME: Richard Gee
WITH:The Eva Jay Fortune Band
GEAR: Darryl Jones Signature

NAME: Jae Gentile
GEAR: 55-01

NAME: Sam Giacco
WITH: The Lost Satellites
GEAR: Joe Osborn, Duck Dunn

Dale Giberson

NAME: Dale Giberson
WITH: The 13th
GEAR: 55-01

NAME: Gerry Gironda
WITH: Holiday Express, Eloquent Profanity,
Side to Side
GEAR: 55-01

Danny Gonzalez

NAME: Danny Gonzalez
WITH: Yahweh
GEAR: 55-01

NAME: Jon Goode
GEAR: 55-02

Glenn Gray

NAME: Glenn Gray
WITH: Soulbandit
GEAR: 55-94

NAME: Tim Gray
WITH: Sonic Anthem
GEAR: Skyline JO5 Black, JO5 Burst , JO5 CAR

NAME: Bruce Grogan
WITH: Four Shadows Fall, Albert Miranda Projkt
GEAR: 55-94, Skyline Darryl Jones 5

NAME: Dean Groom
WITH: Lake Effect (at Navy Pier)
GEAR: 4-94, Bob Glaub Signature

NAME: Ahmet Ibrahim Guder
WITH: Fabcall; Carnageinterium; Djinn Stylo
GEAR: Lakland Skyline 55-01

NAME: Nicolas Hammer
WITH: Shire
GEAR: 44-01

David Hancock

NAME: David Hancock
WITH: Chrome 44
GEAR: 55-02

NAME: Jan Erik Hansen
WITH: Blues Edixion,Norway
GEAR: Jones Signature Model

NAME: Martyn Hanson
WITH: Schuppezot
GEAR: Duck Dunn Signature

David Hancock

NAME: Corey Harris
GEAR: 55-01

NAME: Andrew Hassel
WITH: Shout Section Big Band
GEAR: Joe Osborn Series 5-String

NAME: Tim Hertoghs
WITH: Sofa
GEAR: Osborn Signature Model

NAME: Peter Heydinger
WITH: Haywire  
GEAR: 55-02

NAME: Jason "Hitch" Hitchcock
WITH: The Coal Men  
GEAR: Osborne Signature Model,
Bob Glaub Signature Model

NAME: Jurre Hogervorst
GEAR: Osborn Signature Model

Mike Hornung

NAME: Mike Hornung
GEAR:Osborn Signature Model

NAME: Claude Houde
WITH: The Jack Rozz Project 
GEAR: 55-01

Edwin Hurwitz

NAME: Edwin Hurwitz
WITH: The Ethereal Plane
GEAR: Jones Signature Model; 55-01

Pete Iannitto

NAME: Pete Iannitto
WITH: Session Bassist
GEAR: 44-64

Edwin Hurwitz

NAME: Jim Ivler
GEAR: Glaub, Dunn, & Osborn
Signature Models

Edwin Hurwitz

NAME: Tom Isaac
WITH: Test Pilot Molly
GEAR: 55-94 Classic

NAME: Ivan Ivanov
WITH: Vagabonds
GEAR: 55-02, 55-01, JO5




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