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George Callobre

NAME: George Callobre
GEAR: 54-94; Hollowbody; Decade

James Canzoneri

NAME: James Canzoneri
GEAR: Duck Dunn Signature

Jeff Carlson

NAME: Jeff Carlson
WITH: Separate Checks
GEAR: USA Decade, 55-02CS w/Chi Sonics.

Alexandre Deschamps

NAME: Marco Castelli
GEAR: Jones Signature Model

Alexandre Deschamps

NAME: Alex Carol
WITH: Blackbox
GEAR: Joe Osborn Signature

Jeff Carlson

NAME: Richard Carpenter
WITH: The Grin & Bear It Band
GEAR: 4-94; Hollowbody; Osborn
Signature Model

Mike Casale

NAME: Mike Casale
WITH: Bobby Green and A Cut Above
GEAR: Hollowbody (2); Jones Signature Model

NAME: Fabio Catapane
WITH: Sonix
GEAR: 55-01

Juan Cevallos

NAME: Juan Cevallos
WITH: Perfectos Desconocidos
GEAR: Osborn Signature Model

Juan Cevallos

NAME: Andrew Challoner
WITH: Animation, Mitch Butler, Mona Vale Christian Life Centre
GEAR: 55-02

Mike Chapin

NAME: Mike Chapin
WITH: Silverback
GEAR: Pink Lakland JO5

Jeff Conrad

NAME: Jeff Conrad
WITH: Mr. Hand
GEAR: 55-02

Richard Cousins

NAME: Richard Cousins
WITH: Philipp Fankhauser
GEAR: Joe Osborn 5-string

Jory Cunningham

NAME: Daniel Cramer
WITH: The Viking
GEAR: Skyline 44-02

Jory Cunningham

NAME: Jory Cunningham
WITH: The Bruises; Brown Baggin
GEAR: Osborn Signature Model

Scott Cutrer

NAME: Scott Cutrer
WITH: Baby Huey
GEAR: 55-94

Scott Cutrer

NAME: Mad Mark D
WITH: Decade 8
GEAR: 55-02, 44-02

Stephane Danis

NAME: Stephane Danis
WITH: First of June
GEAR: 44-01; Jones Signature Model

NAME: Bob Dauernheim
WITH: "No Regrets" ; Studio Musician
GEAR: 44-01 & 55-02 Deluxe

Simon Davies

NAME: Simon Davies
WITH: Wasted; Coupe de Ville
GEAR: Scheff Signature Model

Stef De Vito
NAME: Stef De Vito
WITH: David Pasquet Group; E.M. Pulse; Mickael Guerrand
GEAR: 55-02; 55-01

Bob DeGeorge

NAME: Bob DeGeorge
WITH: Reggie Smith and The After Party
GEAR: Lakland Skyline 55-01

NAME: Maarten Dekkers
WITH: Absence
GEAR: Lakland 55-94 fretless

Jan Detremerie

NAME: Jan Detremerie
WITH: Kate Ryan; Foxylane; Lunascape
GEAR: Darryl Jones Signature Model

NAME: Gavin Devlin
WITH: Jump: Press A!
GEAR: 44-64

Louis DiBacco

NAME: Louis DiBacco
WITH: n2Wishin
GEAR: 4-94; 55-94

Dave Dickerson

NAME: Dave Dickerson
WITH: The Woodies; One Flight Up;
The Chapel Hill 11:27 Band
GEAR: Glaub Signature Model (2); Hollowbody; Scheff Signature Model

NAME: Djoser G-Q
WITH: Mic Check Productions, Inc.
GEAR: 55-02, Hollowbody Fretless

Daniel Ducloux

NAME: Steve Dokken
WITH: In the pit for "Wicked"
GEAR: 55-94

Daniel Ducloux

NAME: Paublo Duarte
GEAR: 55-02 Deluxe

Daniel Ducloux

NAME: Daniel Ducloux
WITH: Life in Rescue
GEAR: 55-02

John Durham

NAME: John Durham
WITH: Captain KAOS
GEAR: Osborn Signature Model (2); 55-01

Daniel Ducloux

NAME: Theo Duurland
WITH: Hoochie Mama
GEAR: Osborn Signature

Russell Edgar

NAME: Russell Edgar
WITH: No Cause/No Cure
GEAR: Osborn Signature Model (2); 55-01

NAME: Ramón Benítez Eguiluz
WITH: 5 Sentidos
GEAR: 55-01

Jo Ehm

NAME: Jo Ehm
WITH: Crush; Brothers Finest
GEAR: 55-94

Dennis Eneroth

NAME: Dennis Eneroth
WITH: In Da Pocket
GEAR: Jones Signature Model

NAME: Simon Engelbert
WITH: Second Nature
GEAR: 55-02

Danny Eschete

NAME: Danny Eschete
WITH: Menagerie
GEAR: 4-94

Noe Espinosa

NAME: Noe Espinosa
WITH: Pork Pie; Vibe Association
GEAR: Glaub Signature Model

Kyle Etie

NAME: Kyle Etie
WITH: Buddy Quaid Band
GEAR: 44-01

Magnus Eugenson

NAME: Magnus Eugenson
WITH: Ella Rouge; Giri
GEAR: Glaub Signature Model; Osborn Signature Model

John T. Evans

NAME: John T. Evans
WITH: Sister Groove & The Crosstown Jam
GEAR: 4-94; 55-01

Mark Evans

NAME: Mark Evans
WITH: The Faith
GEAR: 55-02; 55-01; 44-02; Darryl Jones 4






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