Designed for high output with a wide frequency response, Chi-Sonics give you warm, rounded bottom, detailed mids, and a smooth, natural high end.

“Initially, the plan was to develop a product that would produce a warm classic sound, reminiscent of Hagstrom Bi-Sonics,” says Lakland founder and president, Dan Lakin. “But when we got to the five-string version, the Alnicos weren't giving us the output we wanted. Once we went to the Neodymium magnets, a whole world of other possibilities suddenly opened up. Now we have passive pickups that can deliver the clarity and output of many active systems, and active humbuckers that offer unparalleled frequency response and output quality. The result is an incredible variety of choices in terms of bass tone, including tone similar to that heard on a fully mixed recording.”

Chi-Sonics are offered in both humbucking and single coil configuration for 4- and 5-string basses along with a bracket-mounted version for the Hollowbody bass. Single coils are available in both narrow and wide pickup shells. All feature Neodymium magnets that offer output and tonal range not found in conventional pickups.

Chi-Sonic pickups are installed as standard on all Lakland Decade and Hollowbody basses and are offered as an CS Series option on most other models.

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